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A Study of prevalence and types of disability at a rural area at Goa   Sagar Atmaram Borker and Dilip D Motghare

A Study of prevalence and types of disability at a rural area at Goa

148 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A Flower without petals is still a flower, a disabled person is still a person.The real test of civilization depends on the facilities it gives to its downtrodden and disadvantaged group of people.The book contains the details of Disability assessment methods,classification of these disabilities and methods, rehabilitative methods available in the current study setting.Correct assessment of all types of disability that too at field levels in both developed and developing countries of the world where resources are ample or scarce respectively is a big challenge for today.This book also deals with various social welfare benefits that the Persons with Disability enjoy if they had appropriate knowledge, accessibility and utilization of these facilities. The book will be of immense use for field workers, medical practitioners, specialists as well as community for proper assessment of disability both in the field as well as hospital settings, so that appropriate rehabilitative facilities...
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