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QUALITY ASSESSMENT OF GROUND WATER   Umaru Bangura,David Henry Jimmy and Alfred Swaray Bockarie


120 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Water wells are important sources of safe and clean drinking water in many settlements in Sierra Leone. The cost of construction is low and the fresh water it provides if adequately constructed, needs little or no chemical treatment. Calaba Town, the research area, lacks access to pipe borne water and wholly depends on wells for reliable source of water. The access to adequate safe and clean drinking water from these sources remains the prime factor affecting this community. This research therefore, geared towards assessing the physical, chemical and bacteriological status of samples from the sources monitored. A total of 67 wells were identified, majority being hand dug using bucket with rope to lift water from the wells. Some water wells were protected while others remained unprotected. The results indicated that all the wells monitored have lower pH values that fell outside WHO guidelines. Two wells showed significant values for Nitrate, Chloride, Conductivity and...
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