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Homicide: A detrimental facet of humanity   Satinder Pal Singh,Dalbir Singh and Arshad Anjum

Homicide: A detrimental facet of humanity

80 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Homicide is one of the oldest crimes in human civilization. It is perhaps one of the most baffling human phenomenon and has been condemned all through the ages. There has been global increase in homicide and it causes over 500,000 deaths per year worldwide. Included in homicide are cases of premeditated murder, intentional killing and aggravated assaults resulting in death. Homicide is a common end point of many different behavior pathways. It may be as a result of argument between acquaintances, domestic violence, robberies, drug addiction and terrorism. Homicide places a massive burden on national economies, costing countries billions of US dollars each year in health care, law enforcement and lost productivity. Human life is the most precious gift that one gets so every possible effort should be made to preserve it. Keeping in view the magnitude and devastating effect of homicide on the individual, family, community and nation as a whole, this book put forwards effective...
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