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Nutritional Status of children under 5 from Urban and Rural India   Radhika Mathur and Gajanan Velhal

Nutritional Status of children under 5 from Urban and Rural India

72 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Nutritional status is one of the basic indicators of the well being of a child and quality of health care in a defined area. A nutritional deficit in the age group under 5 years can greatly hamper the well being and normalcy of the individual in the future. Regular healthcare programs cannot help maintain proper nutritional status of these children because of lack of monitoring. Many developing countries of the world like Africa and India face this problem and there is need to assess the status periodically to help higher bodies revise their plans of action. By means of anthropometric measurements, a clinical examination and a diet history of the subject, an assessment of their condition can be reached. Numerous parameters influence the nutritional status a great deal like socio-economic status, cultural factors, geographic locations, environmental conditions, and accessibility and utilization levels of health services which has been assessed in the present study. Strategic guidelines...
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