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Barriers To The Utilization Of Primary Health Care Services   Abubakar Muhammed Kurfi

Barriers To The Utilization Of Primary Health Care Services

100 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Primary health care is the bedrock of any country`s health care system. It is aimed to provide the individuals and the communities with protective, preventive, restorative and rehabilitative health services within the available resources. However there is a growing lack of confidence and trust by the public in all health services at this level of care, resulting from the poor state of the facilities and low standards of delivery. This book therefore sought to explore and highlight those barriers affecting the utilization of primary health care services in a low income nation like Nigeria. It also aimed to serve as a basis for understanding and appreciating the complex factors affecting the utilization of these essential services, and how these factors translate into a deterioration of a nation’s health indices. It is expected that these findings will enrich academic discussions and guide policy makers in formulating policies and guidelines towards improving primary healthcare...
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