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Overcoming the Barriers to Telehealth in a Rural Healthcare Setting   Isabelle Ellis

Overcoming the Barriers to Telehealth in a Rural Healthcare Setting

256 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Telehealth has been sold to the public, health care providers and policy makers on the promise of improving access to specialist health care services for people living in rural and remote areas. This book tells the story of how a team in the remote Kimberley region of Western Australia rose to the challenge of introducing telehealth services and technologies to improve the outcomes for people suffering chronic and complex wounds as a result of diabetes, Hansen''s disease and other causes of lower limb ulcers. The book explains why wound care was chosen as the vehicle to introduce telehealth services more widely. The commonly used theories for introducing evidence based practice and technology based innovations-Roger''s Diffusion of Innovations Theory and the PARiHS framework were both examined using concept analysis.
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