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Ultrasound role in diagnose malignant and benign tumour in prostate   Babiker Abd Elwahab and Hamid Osman

Ultrasound role in diagnose malignant and benign tumour in prostate

164 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This is a scientific and practical study The study discussed the evaluation of U/S Scanning and fPSA in diagnosing of the prostate disorders and differentiation between ca prostate and BPH, also to compare these tools to tPSA. A total of “100” patients were selected randomly; all those patients have age above forty years.All patients were subjected to be examined by U/S scanning and laboratory investigations which including (tPSA, fPSA and histopathology).Trans abdominal Scanning were performed for all patients and measured AP, transverse, thickness and volume of the prostate, then evaluates the shape and texture of the prostate, then measured their tPSA, fPSA and finally histopathology was done for all patients. Study revealed that the tPSA is not reliable and accurate in diagnosis of prostatic disorders, U/S scanning and fPSA are more accurate in diagnosis and differentiation between prostatic disorders than tPSA. In addition to that the study showed that; the U/S
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