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Health of Adolescent and Youth   Asharaf Abdul Salam,Hajer Mohamed Abd Al Latheef and Nisreen Ambarak Al Abar

Health of Adolescent and Youth

128 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Adolescent and youth offer great hope for reduction of health needs in future;health interventions on this age group focus on influencing and molding attitudes and behaviors. Attending to causes of future morbidity aiming at reaching maximum preventable risk due to smoking, drug use, diet, physical activities and health interventions reduce situations and factors leading to psychiatric morbidity. Introduce adolescent counseling programs at university level with an aim to prevention of stressful situations and also to equip them to cope with threats. Educate adolescent on balanced nutrition and life style modifications by way of campaigns.Promote health seeking behavior by accessing right facility at right time without delays in realizing problems or consulting physicians or hospitalizations. Right care needs to be sought at right time for bringing right solutions. Substance use to be restricted through various forms of culturally relevant measures. A vigil may be developed of...
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