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Hyperlipidaemia: A lifestyle Disorder   Raheela Javaid,Rasikh Javaid and Asim Ali Khan

Hyperlipidaemia: A lifestyle Disorder

172 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Hyperlipidaemia which is one of the lifestyle disorders is extremely common in general population and refers to an abnormal rise in the serum lipids or lipoproteins. This situation is also regarded as highly modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular diseases due to its relevance in cholesterol levels and subsequently in the formation of atherosclerosis. To overcome the problem of hyperlipidaemia, several antihyperlipidaemic drugs have been classified in the prophylactic and therapeutic regime for the treatment of above mentioned problem in modern system of medicine. But apart from being effective most of these medications are costly, have side effects and adverse drug reactions also. After going through unani literature it was found that there are lot of compound as well as single unani drugs which have shown promising results in decreasing the lipid levels and are good natural antioxidants.
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