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Effectiveness of Self-Care in Depression in Primary Health Care   Sharon Grimaldi Toriz

Effectiveness of Self-Care in Depression in Primary Health Care

64 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Programmes of self-care have been developed to deal with depression, a common affective disorder in modern days. Studies have proven their effectiveness using models such as CBT, Written Diary and Problem Solving. At the same time, it was contemplated the possibility to be applied in Primary Health Care settings. The validity of the studies was assessed through the Effective Practice and Organization of Care Group (EPOC) methodological and quality criteria. It was found 31 interventional studies which showed to be effective in patients, especially the CBT approach. Concerning to the application of such strategies in Primary Health Care, patients developed a better self-management and self-confidence. Therefore, these settings need to adapt services to improve the attention of psychiatric patients.
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