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Clock within us   Purshottam Das Gupta and Pushkala K

Clock within us

104 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Living clocks orchestrate our daily life. Sleep-wake, feed-hunger and joy-depression cycles are regulated by the living clocks. The master clock sits in the brain while subordinate clocks are located in other organs of the body. The living clocks neither can be rewind nor can be reset however it stops at the time of death. Better understanding of interactions between these with the body means healthy, worry less and disease-free life.Author has dealt this subject-an important area in medicine and health care, in simple, lucid and interacting way so that everyone can understand. The facts described in the book are practically impossible to be overlooked especially for those who lead a modern life style. The present book is useful to the people who understand the body in relation to time and space. Though mainly written for common men, pharmacologists, drug designers, medical and healthcare workers will also find this book very useful.
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