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Stress, Depression and Type D personality   Soma Gupta,Suvendu Sengupta and Arnab Banerjee

Stress, Depression and Type D personality

72 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Young medical students have to confront significant amount of stress throughout their career which affects their physical as well as mental health. Rate of depression & suicides have been found to be higher in medical students than in other graduate students. How a student handle a stressful situation depends on his or her personality. Type D personality is based on the two stable personality traits of negative affect & social inhibition. Persons with Type D personality are at increased risk for developing depression and other psychiatric disorders. A total of 295 medical students (226 male & 69 female) are included in this study to determine prevalence of depression & type D personality among medical students of Midnapore Medical College, West Bengal to find out whether they have any significant association or not. Moreover, Perceived Stress Score Index (PSSI) among study population was carried out to compare it among students with and without...
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