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Development of the MVVSS and an optimal protocol to record VEMP   Zuraida Zainun,Dinsuhaimi Sidek and Zalina Ismail

Development of the MVVSS and an optimal protocol to record VEMP

76 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Vestibular disordered is one of the common and compilacted disordered to treat. Simple and accurate objective and subjective tools are essential in order to have an accurate diagnosis. The MVVSS questionnaire was developed accordingly and found to be valid and reliable. It is now ready and can be used clinically to assess patient’s symptoms objectively. It is also useful to determine the treatment progress and can promote better services to patients. A simple protocol to record VEMP was developed adequately and its reliability was proven. Any trained personnel can perform VEMP because it is relatively simple and non-invasive. It is highly sensitive in identifying patients with saccular and/or inferior vestibular nerve dysfunction and should be performed in conjunction with other vestibular tests. Based on the findings from our study, we recommend the use of N1 amplitude of 750 Hz test stimulus (at cut-off value of 35 µV) as an indicator to determine whether VEMP is normal or not.
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