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Cases in Nephrology- Glomerulonephritis At a Glance   Arash Kordi

Cases in Nephrology- Glomerulonephritis At a Glance

160 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In this second book of " cases in nephrology " series ,the author has tried to describe relevant scientific issues by using short clinical scenarios . The main topics of this book are clinical and pathological features of glomerulonephritis,with more emphasis on clinical approaches and differential diagnoses. Glomerular disorders have been categorized in five major groups ,and each group is represented by one or more real cases . The main pathological abnormalities are depicted by schematic figures and major points of each case are reminded briefly . The therapeutic principles have also been emphasized .Like the recently published book of this author ( Cases in nephrology-fluid ,electrolyte ,acid and base disorders), the main objective of this book is to describe major clinical issues in a summarized, user-friendly educational format .Interested readers are referred to great numbers of comprehensive references ,written at the end of each part, for more detailed study . As this book is...
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