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Analysis of Stomach Wall Changes in Chronic Doudenal Ulcer Patients   Souvagya Panigrahi and Jagmohan Mishra

Analysis of Stomach Wall Changes in Chronic Doudenal Ulcer Patients

80 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Hyper-chlorohydria has been long implicated in the etiology of duodenal ulcer(DU). Of late, H. pylori has been associated in the pathogenesis. while hyper-chlorohydria and Helicobacter infection can act throughout the gastroduodenum, it remains unexplained, why there should have predilection for certain well documented and specific sites for peptic ulceration. It has to be explained whether they produce any change in other parts of the stomach besides the ulcer site.Recent works like eradication of H. pylori, leading to healing of peptic ulcer diseases(PUDs) have given encouraging results and proved beyond doubt an association between H. pylori and PUD. Pain,a well known symptom of DU is often experienced throughout the stomach, often associated with generalized tenderness of the epigastrium suggesting possible generalized involvement of the gastric wall. In some cases of CDU, gross dilatation of stomach wall with generalized hypotonia is a common finding. In some others, hypertonic...
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