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Evaluate Cataract Surgical service in Toamasina II MADAGASCAR   Randrianaivo Jean Baptiste

Evaluate Cataract Surgical service in Toamasina II MADAGASCAR

84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This survey done in the district of Tamatave II,Atsinanana region, Madagascar, during July 2009 shows the prevalence of blindness in the district and reflects the situation in Madagascar.The main causes of blindness are cataract and glaucoma.there is not any trachoma nor onchocerciasis in Madagascar.One could achieve the goal of the vision 2020 program in time with full participation of responsibles and people.Poverty remain the first barrier, but the lack of education and information is important.Efforts must be done at the hospital to solve the problem of human resources and materiel insufficient.The lack of infrastructure is also very important as almost half the fokontany (villages)in the district are inaccessible.However the Cataract Surgical Coverage and the outcome of surgery are acceptable.
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