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Management of Sciatic neuritis(Gridhrasi) The research study   Sulakshana Jaybhaye

Management of Sciatic neuritis(Gridhrasi) The research study

104 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This research work is highly beneficial to researchers, practitioners and patients. Gridhrasi is a very painful disease characterized by radiating pain begins in sphik and radiates along the pathway of Gridhrasi nadi. This disease may not lead to the death of the patient but once occurs it goes unchecked for prolonged period. It may gives rise to permanent deformity also. Gridhrasi disease resembles with sciatic neuritis as described in allopathy. Practitioners are facing lot of problems while treating this disease. To overcome the problem this ‘Comparative research study of Katibasti and Vaitarana basti in management of Sciatic neuritis (Gridhrasi)’ is highly beneficial. After a series of scientific discussions author has studied the subject extensively and conducted the clinical research work scientifically. The observations made are genuine and presented in scientific manner. Mild to severe cases can be treated successfully after incorporation of above research in...
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