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Implant Designing And Evaluation Of Malleolar Fractures   Mallangouda Patil,S. M. G. Raza and Md. Nayeem Ali

Implant Designing And Evaluation Of Malleolar Fractures

168 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Ankle injuries are unique as they are not only intra-articular in weight bearing joint, but also caused by a variety of mechanism, each resulting in different pattern with ankle fractures. The primary concern is residual instability of the joint as malalignment or residual displacement can adversely affect the biomechanical behaviour of ankle and resulting loss of function, due to non restoration of normal anatomy. Therefore essential of proper anatomical parameters for assessment of reduction and improved designs of implants used to get good results. The unique measurement of angles on both surface of malleoli and other parameters definitely contribute for assessment of reduction and prognostic evaluations of ankle fracture,Designing,mouldingand manufacturing of prebent plates for use in distal ends of tibia and fibula.
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