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When their preschooler is ill: Refugee and Asylum seeking mothers   Ellen Olive Wahoush

When their preschooler is ill: Refugee and Asylum seeking mothers

348 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book presents details of a study about acute and minor illnesses among preschoolers in refugee and asylum seeking families and what their mothers do to help their child get better. Findings are presented from 55 mothers and representatives of the full range of primary health care agencies in a large city in Ontario. Ontario is the main receiving region for newcomers to Canada. The research approach is described and survey tools are included so that others may use them. Information includes what mothers do before consulting with health professionals their sources of information and their experiences negotiating the primary health care system. In addition the provider perspective provides insights into challenges and concerns of nurses, doctors and others at the front line of health care as they try to meet the needs of newcomers such as refugees. Recommendations for policy, practice and future research complete this text
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