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Torchwood: Mr Invincible (аудиокнига на CD)   Mark Morris

Torchwood: Mr Invincible (аудиокнига на CD)

2012 год.
BBC Audiobooks Ltd.
Tom Price reads this exclusive audio adventure set after the conclusion of Miracle Day, featuring Captain Jack Harkness and Sgt. Andy Davidson.Ross Chapman is one of lifes losers. So when he survives a point-blank shooting, dons a superhero costume, and becomes a crime-busting vigilante, something strange is clearly going on. And Rosss transformation isnt the only odd thing happening in Cardiff. Time is distortingaround the city, some people are aging, dying, and decomposing in a matter of minutes, while others are reverting to childhood.Sgt. Andy Davidson knows hes out of his depthso when Jack Harkness sweeps into the police station, hes glad of the help that only Torchwood can provide. But for Jack, the stakes are higher than ever. Hes seen a vision of Gwen, dead, murdered by an unknown gunman. And if he cant solve the mystery of Mr. Invincible, he cant save her.
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