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The 6th Extinction   James Rollins

The 6th Extinction

150x230 448 страниц. 2014 год.
William Morrow
A military research station buried in the remote Sierra Nevada Moun-m tains of Northern California broadcasts a frantic distress call that ends with a chilling order: "Kill us... kill us all." When help arrives to investigate, they discover everyone in the lab is dead— not just the scientists but every living thing for fifty square miles is annihilated. The land is completely sterile—and the blight is spreading. Only one team on earth has the scientific knowledge and military precision to handle this mission: Commander Gray Pierce and Sigma. The dead scientists were working on a secret project, but something set off an explosion in the lab, and now Sigma must contend with the apocalyptic aftermath. To prevent the inevitable, they must decipher a futuristic threat that rises out of the distant past—a time when Antarctica was green and life on Earth balanced on a knife's edge. Following a fascinating trail of clues buried in an ancient map rescued from the lost...
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