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Rules of Vengeance   Christopher Reich

Rules of Vengeance

432 страниц. 2009 год.
Six months ago Jonathan Ransom foiled an attack on an Israeli jet that threatened to plunge the world into war. He has spent the intervening time in hiding, too traumatised to confront his wife, Emma, about her double life as a spy and the lie that was their eight-year marriage. Now Emma has initiated a reconciliation which Ransom reluctantly goes along with. But, only a day after they reunite, they are caught up in a terrible act of violence: terrorists attack a convoy of limousines carrying the Russian Interior Minister through London. Many are left dead and Emma has gone missing. Both she and Jonathan were caught on CCTV acting in a suspicious manner just before the attack. Pursued by MI5, Jonathan knows that the only way to clear his name is to track down his wife and discover why she acted as she did that fateful day. In doing so he hopes to learn once and for all the truth of her identity. Hunted from London to Italy and then to France, Jonathan is at once...
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