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Phytopharmaceutical studies on Sarcostemma viminale R. Br.   Aboli S. Girme,Sunil A. Nirmal and Machindra J. Chavan

Phytopharmaceutical studies on Sarcostemma viminale R. Br.

100 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Phytopharmaceutical Science is a development of drugs from plants. Plants are a source for new molecules in the development of standardized phytotherapeutic agents. Plants have been used since the dawn of history as medicines either as a experience based folkloric knowledge or as a treatment arm of a sound traditional sciences. In modern medicine these phytopharmaceuticals have showed different pharmacological effects on body system. These phytopharmacological screenings helped many new and traditional plant drugs to find their way as a medicine in therapy. They are available in isolated and purified form, mixture or purified fractions. Many drugs listed as conventional medications are derived from plants and were originally administered in the plant form. Different quality control techniques are essential for isolation, characterization, and maintenance of the desired property of these medicines. The phytopharmaceutical work includes simultaneous application of disciplines like...
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