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Health and Citizenship in Republican Turkey   Asena Gunal

Health and Citizenship in Republican Turkey

512 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The fragmented health care system in Turkey created a hierarchy of access and accordingly citizenship. By means of different security systems the state established differential relationships with its citizens, dividing them along the lines of their affinity with the state and their employment status. The problems within this inegalitarian system and the current attempts at its modification constitute the starting point of this thesis. Although the study focuses on the attempt at the socialization of health services undertaken in 1961, after the military intervention of 27 May 1960, it presents a comprehensive picture of the Turkish health system in the Republican period with a view to providing the historical background against which the current debate around health sector reform can be better understood. The efforts to establish socialization of health services as the health system of Turkey has failed mainly due to the simultaneous development of inegalitarian corporatist system...
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