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Postnatal Depression in Malaysia   Azidah Abdul Kadir

Postnatal Depression in Malaysia

116 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The mood disorders which affect newly delivered women range from a relatively short but emotionally labile time, popularly called the “blues”, to a serious psychiatric disorder requiring specialized treatment. Recent studies show that 10 - 15 % of women suffered from Postnatal Depression. Mood disorders following childbirth are not confined to Western societies, and have been recognized worldwide and throughout history. In Malaysia and Asia at large, pregnant and confined mothers are always accorded important roles and demand significant attention from families and society. In Malaysia, motherhood marks a transitional period in the women’s life, and provision is made for her to be treated differently, usually for a period of about six weeks. It is postulated that these ritual and cultural practices have protective effect against developing Postnatal Depression. This book is the first interdisciplinary reader focusing on the burden of depression in pregnancy and ...
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