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The role of Family Interventions in the Therapy of Eating Disorders   Federico Amianto

The role of Family Interventions in the Therapy of Eating Disorders

192 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Eating Disorders are complex and potentially severe psychiatric syndromes. A complex pathogenesis encompassing biological, psychological, familiar and social factors requires a complex approach. In consideration of the difficulty in producing sensible and stable results and obtain remission of the symptoms all concurring factors should be addressed at the same time. The pathogenic role of the family in the outburst of these disorders is still unclear. A direct relationship between family dysfunctions and eating symptoms has not been already established. Nevertheless many authors and the Academy for Eating Disorders suggest that the approach to the whole family, in particular to parents, is necessary to improve the success of the therapeutic efforts on the eating disordered members. Parents should be involved with the therapeutic team and give their support to their offspring. As parents they need to help offspring to increase their thrust and overcome their resistances in the...
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