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Organizational Community   Reza Mohammady Garfamy

Organizational Community

192 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book focuses on the organizational community and is designed to be suitable for those interested in finding out more about business management studies and related subjects for the purpose of increasing understanding and/or adding to knowledge. It is multi-disciplinary in scope and covers many different areas and subjects including the organization theory as a scientific research program, new firm and small business from an economic perspective, Transaction Cost Approach (TCA) to supply chain, the Gnosjo industrial district as a viable corporation as well as an industrial district as a corporation, which is a comparison case study of industrial districts in Spain and Sweden. This book is intended mostly for leaders, managers, planners, employees and other stakeholders of public and private organizations and institutions interested in organization, entrepreneurship, economy, supply chain management and regional economic development. We believe that this book...
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