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Resource recovery and value addition of waste paper   Visalakshi Rajeswari and Gayathri Duraisamy

Resource recovery and value addition of waste paper

148 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Paper once used is often discarded as waste. The word “waste” refers to something that is “no longer serving a purpose”, something “without value”. The amount of post consumer paper-a major solid waste - is gradually increasing and its treatment and disposal has become a major social and environmental problem. Proper processing and recycling of waste can greatly reduce environmental pollution. Recycling is environmentally favorable for a variety of reasons. First, it conserves material resources and second, it conserves fuel. Resources saved per ton of paper recycling are 17 trees, 275 pounds of sulpher, 350 lbs of limestone, 900 lbs of steam, 60,000 gal of water, 225 kwh and 3.3 cubic yards of land fill space. So, recycling of waste paper becomes an absolute necessity not only to reduce scarcity of raw materials but also to curtail environmental pollution. Micro study to repulp, recycle and recover paper from post consumer paper by installing a paper plant had proved successful. An...
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