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The Art of Medicine in Ancient Cyprus   Philip Pastides

The Art of Medicine in Ancient Cyprus

72 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The island of Cyprus lies on the edge of three continents and has always been considered as a strategic stepping stone to these lands. As such, there was plenty of influence from the surrounding cultures, each bringing their own religious deities and beliefs. In the days before scientific medicine, the ancient world relied heavily on the natural flora and fauna at their disposal and basic remedies and medical treatments. The medicine practiced on the island during these times was no exception to this. Rich in natural metals and vegetation, significant medical men of the time, such as Galen and Dioscorides, visited the island and knew of the plethora of medicines available. The Gods, whether of Greek origin or not, were ultimately responsible for health and there is no shortage of evidence of their importance in the well being of the population. The medicine practiced in the ancient world is clearly highlghted on the island and archaeological findings of medical...
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