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Perception of HIV/AIDS Risk & Intention to Adopt Preventive Behaviors   Saba Hailemeskel Desta and Gail Davey

Perception of HIV/AIDS Risk & Intention to Adopt Preventive Behaviors

92 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
As Sub-Saharan Africa continues to claim the lion’s share of the world’s HIV burden, it is crucial to shed some light on the types of sexual behaviors and the underlying factors influencing these behaviors in relation to HIV/AIDS in this particular part of the world. Even though the relationship between sexual behaviors and HIV/AIDS has garnered a lot of attention and many researches have been conducted in the area, comprehensive knowledge is still inadequate in Sub-Saharan countries partially explaining the staggering incidence rate despite enormous investment focused on prevention. Given the paramount economic and social impact of HIV in Africa as a result of its drastic effect on the young and productive part of the society, studies specifically targeting this age group can unravel a wealth of information essential for intervention. This book closely examines perception of risk of HIV/AIDS and intention to adopt preventive behaviors among students in Dire Dawa University in...
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