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Pharmacist’s Intervention on Drug Therapy: Impact on Healthcare Cost   Ramesh Madhan,Parthasarathi Gurumurthy and Basavanagowdappa Hathur

Pharmacist’s Intervention on Drug Therapy: Impact on Healthcare Cost

80 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Medication related problems (MRPs) are on the rise, and are a major concern especially for healthcare professionals as they pose a significant risk to patients leading to hospitalisation and increasing the healthcare expenditure. As the drug therapy is becoming more complex, the challenge of prescribing appropriate medication is increasing. In clinical settings, a wide range of MRPs might arise due to various causes. However, optimization of drug therapy may, by preventing MRPs, influence healthcare cost, potentially reduce morbidity and mortality, and enhance patient''s quality of life. Although many studies have detailed the MRPs and their consequences, only few published studies assessed the impact of clinical pharmacist-initiated changes to drug therapy. The work described assessed and quantified the pharmacist-initiated changes to drug therapy and their impact on cost savings. The results of the study would shed some vital data on medication related problems and the...
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