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Leech Therapy   Devendra Prasad Mishra

Leech Therapy

188 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Wounds are a major clinical challenge very frequently encountered by us in our clinical practice.The normal pattern of healing is not uniformly present as a rule under different conditions of wounds.Certain general and local factors influence the sequence of normal process of healing.Now it is revealed that in all kinds of non healing wounds micro vascular angiopathy is one of the major factors for hypoxic condition, leading to non-healing. Many new devices & techniques are evolved for this purpose, but the efficacy in rectifying tiny micro vascular thrombus is still a matter of discussion. So, keeping these points in mind a study was done on leech application in the management of non healing ulcers according to the principals of Ayurveda and Modern Medicine, and clinical assessment and histobiochemical studies were evaluated. It was found that leech application improves the hypoxic condition, providing a moist environment for wound healing, and that it helps in slough...
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