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Correlation of Multiphoton Microscopy with Histology of Human Skin   Ali Majdzadeh

Correlation of Multiphoton Microscopy with Histology of Human Skin

56 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In scientific publications, images obtained through Multiphoton Microscopy (MPM) are often presented with histology for verification and comparison. However, the images often do not closely correspond to histology as they are from a similar representative region and not the exact same location as the histology sections. This book demonstrates a highly feasible technique that can be employed to correlate findings from MPM of the skin to the corresponding histology sections. A Cartesian coordinate system-based method has been established that facilitates the correlation and accurate mapping of skin features that are observed in MPM to those that are present in histology. Although intuitive, this approach can allow for the identification of prominent and difficult-to-identify microstructures that are observed in skin images acquired by MPM and other similar imaging modalities. This can therefore form the basis for future in vivo skin MPM image interpretation in clinical diagnosis.
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