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Kidney and HIV infection   Umezurike Okafor

Kidney and HIV infection

112 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Kidney has long been reported to be a target in patients with HIV infection. Presently HIV related kidney disease is among the commonest cause of kidney disorder globally. Kidney diseases have been reported at various stages of HIV infection. However, early studies were mainly on patients with advanced HIV infection thus kidney diseases were then thought to occur only in advanced AIDS. This book "KIDNEY and HIV infection" highlights the frequency of kidney disorder among the HIV population, including the epidemiological, clinical and laboratory characteristics of these patients. Also the relationship between the degree of immunosuppression as detected by the CD4 cell count and the severity of kidney disease as detected by the impairment in kidney function is detailed in this book. This is an indept scientific study carried out in a developing country with all its antecedent financial and political challenges. The book is recommended for research fellows, medical practitioners,...
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