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Medicinal Plants of Bangladesh: Vol - IV   M. R. Kuddus

Medicinal Plants of Bangladesh: Vol - IV

84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book entitled “Medicinal Plants of Bangladesh Vol. IV: Phytochemical Studies on the Rarely Occurring Fruits of Melocanna baccifera (Roxb.) Kurz.” by Kuddus et al., is the fourth volume in the series of books published from our natural product research group. It describes the isolation of two aromatic compounds i.e. isochavicinic acid and eugenol and two triterpens identified as 3?-acetoxyoleonolic acid and 3-oxo-olean-12-ene-28-al, for the first time from this plant. The biological activity i.e., antioxidant activity and cytotoxicity of the plant have also been discussed. This book is unique in elaboration of spectroscopic data and it will certainly provide practical information to conduct chemical and biological studies with medicinal plants. Moreover, this book will serve as a guide to the fellows in Pharmacy, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Botany, Microbiology and Traditional Systems of Medicines.
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