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Public-private Partnership in primary health care   Sananda Kumar

Public-private Partnership in primary health care

124 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The Neo-liberal economic policies in 1980's lead to emergence of Pubic-private Partnerships. The PPP became most popular after health sector reforms in developing countries. Many state governments in India adapted PPP policies to enhance the efficiency and quality of services in health sector. The partnership formed between Government of Karnataka (GOK) and Karuna Trust is also one of the successful model since 1996. This book tries to analyses the partnership between the GOK and Karuna trust in delivering primary health care. A honest attempt is made to address some of the fundamental questions such as, what made GOK to contract out the primary health centres to NGO? How the model is implemented? and also evaluates current functioning of the model from the perspectives of providers and beneficiaries. Success of the partnership also depends on the sustainability, so researcher also tried to understand how model is sustainable. The study tries to draw conclusion and make some valuable...
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