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Examinations of venous system diseases   Sabina Svestkova

Examinations of venous system diseases

96 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Chronic venous disease (CVD) ranks among the most frequent medical disorders worldwide and at various stages of severity affects large parts of the population. Manifestations of the disease include various clinical symptoms which are mostly associated with various subjective symptoms depending on hemodynamic malfunction. In the group of patients with CVD symptoms at both lower limbs was performed a clinical finding evaluation according to CEAP classification and there was carried out the investigation of the lower limbs venous system via digital photoplethysmography and ultrasound detection.It was proved that the most suitable examination for specification of CVD is duplex ultrasonography in combination with clinical examination of the patient, possibly supplemented by D-PPG examination.Early diagnosis and properly indicated treatment may prevent the progression of venous hypertension, reflux and inflammatory changes, decrease the risk of leg ulcers, improve the quality of life of the...
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