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CAM, An Irish Solution to a Global Question?   Bernadette Ward

CAM, An Irish Solution to a Global Question?

220 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
CAM or natural healing has been part of public healthcare choices in Ireland from early monastic times, when cures were sought and used for a range of ailments. Natural healing predates biomedicine and has remained a popular choice down through the ages. This has been replicated on a global scale from the beginnings of traditional medicines to current use today of indigenous or folk medicines as healthcare choices. Often described as “alternative” to the more accepted, dominant, scientific biomedical systems used by most countries for their healthcare systems. both the EU and the WHO have sought to map, and recommend protection and recognition of non-dominant traditional medicines. This book is based on research which explores CAM communities across the globe, and uses Ireland as one example of the emergence of a vibrant CAM community. It explores lack of government recognition and inclusion of CAM in healthcare choices in most countries of the world, despite public demand. It...
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