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Effects of mobile phone usage on audiovestibular system   Porika Rajendra Kumar and Bheemani Srinivasa Rao

Effects of mobile phone usage on audiovestibular system

80 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Mobile phones (MP) are popular now a days with attractive features. MP is a low power, single channel two-way radio, emits signals via radio wave, which comprises Radio Frequence energy. It can cause physiological changes and biological damages, particularly vulnerable is audiovestibular system which has become public concern. This research is aimed to investigate the % of MP usage and its effect on hearing, tinnitus, balance problems in college going students. Modified questionnaire and Objective audiometric tests were administered. Among 148 total subjects 73% were MP users, talking was 59% popular than text messaging, 47% prefer only Right ear side and 80% of them converse through headset. Duration of ownership, daily usage ranged from 0-6 years & 0-25 minutes. The study states that the exposure to MP-electromagnetic radiations might have caused MP users to score poorer in their hearing, tinnitus aspects with slight decrease in hearing thresholds at higher frequencies and...
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