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Static stretch and Hold relax Techniques over Hamstring   C. Shanthi

Static stretch and Hold relax Techniques over Hamstring

64 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Flexibility is characterized by the ability of a muscle to relax and yield to a stretch force also by range of motion available in a joint or group of joint . Flexibility is joint specific you may be flexible, in some joints and not very flexible in others. Flexibility allows tissue to accommodate more easily to stress thus minimizing or preventing muscle injury. Flexibility can enhance performance in some activates and it may even help reduce the risk of injuries. The importance of flexibility in performance is that they are able to produce force (that they can use their strength) throughout necessary working range of motion. Role of flexibility can play in physical performance its role in preventing musculoskeletal injuries. Flexibility is an important aspect of fitness it enhances performances and enjoinment of many activities and it may contribute to reduce risk of injuries. Flexibility related to body type (structure of joint) age, gender, genetic predisposition & physical...
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