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Myocardial Injury Effects of Gender, Local Anesthesia and Antioxidant   Nivin sharawi,Mohamed Hassan and Moshira Rateb

Myocardial Injury Effects of Gender, Local Anesthesia and Antioxidant

208 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Burns are among the most common accidental injuries occurring in almost any environment to victims of all ages. Numerous experimental and clinical studies have shown the major role of the inflammatory changes in burn induced myocardial injury. Gender difference, inflammatory mediators and oxidative stress are important determinants of outcome in patients with traumatic injury and sepsis. They have role in myocardial inflammatory response and post-burn myocardial performance. The potent anti-inflammatory properties of local anesthetics, superior in several aspects to traditional anti-inflammatory agents of the NSAID and steroid groups and with fewer side-effects, has prompted clinicians to introduce them in the treatment of various inflammation-related conditions and diseases. Early manipulation of oxidative stress through antioxidant vitamin therapy in burn trauma could provide cardioprotection. This book should be especially useful to all those who are involved in intensive medical...
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