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P Drug Selection   Indrajit Banerjee,Indraneel Banerjee and Pugazhandhi Bakthavatchalam

P Drug Selection

100 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Personal (P) drug selection is an important part of the pharmacology teaching and learning session. Most of the time it is found that student cannot follow the concepts of P drug. Traditional pharmacology teaching and learning methodology does not train the students to think and make decisions about the prescription writing. The practical activity of P drug selection can reduce the chances of irrational prescribing. Exercise of P Drug selection is carried out at basic science students who are studying pharmacology. P Drug selection can be implemented in the clinical side students who are studying Medicine, which can help the student to promote the rationale usage of medicine with the support of the clinicians. Interns and Medical Officers can be also be benefited with this exercise by choosing the rationale drug for a particular disease objectively and in an unbiased manner. I strongly believe this book will be very useful for the medical students to learn Pharmacology in a better...
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