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Health Care Quality:Role of ICTs to Enable Health System Outcomes   T. N. Sathyanarayana

Health Care Quality:Role of ICTs to Enable Health System Outcomes

104 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The review study of “Role of ICTs in Translating Health System Objectives into Outcomes: Concept, Priorities, Challenges and Future Directions” is an important piece of work to improve ‘Health Care Quality'. The study highlights plaguing health problems & strategic promotion of cross cutting information communication technologies (ICT) in health care. Strategic positioning of ICTs is necessary, as informed decision is essential at local, district, state and national levels for health policy makers, managers, implementers. ICTs may play pivotal role in structuring, facilitating data collection, interpretation, decision and prioritization especially in resource limited settings such as developing countries.This study brings out the a)‘Conceptual framework’of ICTs- health sector nexus in appropriate decisions; b)Shows the ‘promise’ from different evidences (success stories); c) Identifies the key challenges and; d) proposes possible solutions. The study further pitches to bring clarity...
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