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The Course of Faculty (Analitical) Surgery in Pictures, Tables and Schemes   M. A. Lagoon, B. S. Kharitonov

The Course of Faculty (Analitical) Surgery in Pictures, Tables and Schemes

60x90/8 436 страниц. 2017 год.
This manual is prepared by collective of Theoretical Surgery and Oncology Department of VI. Razumovsky Saratov State Medical University. This manual includes modern conceptions of basic surgical diseases, studied by students of medical institutes of higher education during the course of "Theoretical Surgery" and "Surgical Diseases". There are 14 topics on surgical pathology of different organs presented in the manual. Every topic contains detailed descriptions of etiopathogenesis, clinical manifestations, diagnosis and methods of surgical treatment of many surgical diseases. Logically presented material with original compelling diagrams, tables, photographies, pictures and only short straight text fragments contribute to fast and firm understanding and learning. There are test tasks in the application - 50 test tasks on every topic. The manual is written in compliance with requirements of Federal State Educational standards of the higher professional education...
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