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Wyrd Sisters (Illustrated Edition)   Pratchett, Terry

Wyrd Sisters (Illustrated Edition)

2014 год.
A TALE FOR ALL SEASONS: COMEDY, TRAGEDY, RICHES, POVERTY, MAGIC, LOVE, HATE, REDEMPTION, DAMNATION AND MUCH MUCH MORE or, otherwise known as WYRD SISTERS Three witches on a stormy heath, a king cruelly murdered, a usurper on the throne, rivers of blood, lots of trees - is this beginning to sound familiar? Add to that a young prince adrift from his rightful inheritance, a travelling band of thespians, a fool who speaks the truth, and some jokes - and a play within a screenplay, and you have the essence of Shakespeare without having to read thirty-seven plays. In fact you have the unexpurgated screenplay of one of Terry Pratchett's funniest and most telling Discworld stories. Wyrd Sisters: The Illustrated Edition is the perfect accompaniment to the acclaimed Channel Four ; Cosgrove Hall series of Terry Pratchett's bestselling novel.
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