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Principled Sentencing: Readings on Theory and Policy  

Principled Sentencing: Readings on Theory and Policy

170x245 408 страниц. 2013 год.
Hart Publishing
This new, third edition of Principled Sentencing provides students of law, legal philosophy, criminology, and criminal justice with a comprehensive selection of the leading scholarship on contemporary sentencing. The volume offers a wide range of critical readings relating to the key moral, philosophical, and policy issues in sentencing today. The structure of the book remains the same as the previous editions, although the new volume contains many new readings on subjects that have recently emerged and which have consequences for sentencing in many jurisdictions. These additional chapters reflect the significant evolution of the field since the previous edition was published in 1998. As before, each chapter begins with an introduction by one of the editors and concludes with a bibliography of further readings. All the chapters have been substantially revised, as have the editorial introductions.
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