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Enhancing HCI and a Website''s Search and Select   Anirudh Chintapenta Satya Padma

Enhancing HCI and a Website''s Search and Select

96 страниц. 2011 год.
A website is a powerful tool in this technological world today. The changes in technology is growing at its fastest pace. The world without technology and internet cannot be imagined these days. Internet the most common and powerful tool where the world is at your feet has become a part of life. Search engines have become the heart of internet websites. This project primarily focuses on the search facility in the PATHWAYS website. The aims and objectives are found relating to the drawbacks of the current version of the website. The primary data has been collected in the form of a questionnaire which helped in finding the drawbacks which have been discussed, executed and tested. While testing, errors have been found, and these errors have been rectified by investigating and observing the code of the .php files and commands of MySQL. After getting the new results these are again tested and the final results are displayed. These results can be now be enhanced ...
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