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The Witch of Prague & Other Stories   F. Marion Crawford

The Witch of Prague & Other Stories

Tales of Mystery & the Supernatural
125x195 464 страниц. 2007 год.
Wordsworth Editions Limited
As I fell the thing sprang across me and seemed to throw itself upon the captain. When I last saw him on his feet his face was white and his lips set. It seemed to me that he struck a violent blow at the dead being, and then he, too, fell forward upon his face, with an inarticulate cry of horror. This unique collection contains all the supernatural works of the prolific F.Marion Crawford, including his classic chillers For Blood is the Life, The Upper Berth and the title story, The Screaming Skull which was based on a true horror legend. Also included in this volume is his amazing novel The Witch of Prague which Dennis Wheatley described as a classic of occult fiction. For a potent blend of horror, fantasy and fear Crawford s tales have rarely been surpassed. Most of these stories have long been out of print, so this collection is a special treat for all lovers of supernatural mysteries.
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