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Blood Bank   Tanya Huff

Blood Bank

Blood Ties
105x175 336 страниц. 2008 год.
Center around three main characters: Vicki Nelson, a homicide cop turned private detective, her former partner Mike Celluci, who is still on the force, and vampire Henry Fitzroy. Who is the illegitimate son of Henry VIII and makes his living as a writer of bodice rippers. Not only are the three of them caught in a love triangle, but they are, time and again, involved in mysteries with a supernatural slant-from demons, to werewolves, to mummies-and inevitably must join forces to solve crimes and defeat supernatural enemies. Now all of Tanya Huffs short stories about Henry, Vicki, and Mike are being released in this collection entitled "Blood bank". As an added bonus for fans of the TV series, "Blood bank" will include the actual screenplay for "Stone Cold", the episode Tanya herself wrote for the "Blood Ties" series along with a special introduction by Tanya, detailing her own experiences with the show.
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