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Winds of Salem   Melissa de La Cruz

Winds of Salem

130x205 336 страниц. 2014 год.
In the third installment of de la Cruz's Witches of East End series, the Beauchamp family must rescue one of their number from being hanged as a witch - again. When we last left the Beauchamps, who are not only witches, but also Norse deities, the escape of Joanna Beauchamp's long-lost son Freddie (Fryr) from limbo was causing all manner of repercussions, not least the whisking of daughter Freya (goddess of love) back to Salem just in time for the notorious witch trials. When Freya awakens in 1692 Salem, she has no memory of her past (or future). An apparent orphan, she is taken as an indentured servant into the household of Thomas Putnam, the sanctimonious and scheming farmer who was the prime mover of the witch trials. Freya soon discovers she has magical powers, very helpful in getting the endless round of Puritan women's work done. Freya's eternal beloved, Killian (the god Balder), appears in the guise of an eligible bachelor, whose good looks have also...
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